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In Fall of 2023 Jefferson Flats opened its doors to the Tacoma brewery district with a goal to better serve those that are living in ‘at-home working’ environments and or who are students of UW Tacoma campus.

The building is positioned to easily access local boutiques, restaurants, bars, museums and of course the UW Tacoma campus. Surrounding cities can easily be accessed via train or Uber. Our goal when building this amazing facility was to accommodate those that are looking to live and work in their living space.

The past few years have shifted how people are working and living their lives. Our team adapted and created a space where people would be able to easily thrive and live in their home. Our goal was to make a space that felt peaceful, accommodatable, but that was also centered near numerous activities and outdoor experiences.


Jefferson Flats
2515 S Jefferson Avenue 
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 544-6800